City Projects

Requested Projects

  • None at this time.  

 City Initiated Projects

  • Zon 3-2020-1003 Tower Place-Alley Vacation: A request to vacate the alley way to the north of 1003 Tower Place between Satinwood Place and Wildwood Circle Dr.
  • Landscape Code Update-The City is in the process of updating the landscape code to align with the new zoning code. 
  • Government Center Updates- Main Entrance-a new main entrance that is ADA compatible is being constructed, will be finished in July of 2021.
  • Code amendment for a change in a business type description - Modifying Chapters 13 and 26 to replace "Home Occupation" with "Home-based Business" in the municipal code. 
  • Planned Development Code update - Modifying chapter 26 to allow for more flexibility in the time for the Planning and Zoning Commission to review planned developments. 
  • Residential Drainage Code updates - Modifying chapter 26 so that residential parcels under 1 acre in size will be reviewed only by staff against the standards of the Missouri Botanical Garden for stormwater retention and drainage. 
  • Conditional Use Permit Conditions Compliance Review - Modifying chapter 26 so that if conditions of a conditional use permit are not met, an initial review or deadline extensions may be made by staff prior to involvement from The Commission or The Board of Aldermen. This will be considered by the Board of Aldermen on October 26th.

Scheduled for a public hearing on December 1st at the Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting:

  • Lot Coverage calculation amendment - Modifying chapter 26 so that maximum lot coverage shall be calculated based on all impervious surface instead of the building footprint of all primary and secondary structures. 
  • Lot Coverage Amount Amendment - Modifying Chapter 26 so that the maximum amount of site coverage for a residentially zoned parcel will increase from 30% to 40%.  

Planning & Zoning Commission

Site Plan Review

  • CSPR 1-2021-9206 Watson Road-Minor Site Plan: A Minor Site Plan for ADA improvements at the BMO Harris Bank.
  • CSPR 2-2021-301 Watson Plaza-Minor Site Plan: A Minor Site Plan for Façade  and parking changes for Aldi to relocate.
  • CSPR 3-2021-9915 Watson Road-Major Site Plan: A Major Site Plan for McDonald's to tear down and rebuild a new fast-food restaurant.
  • CSPR-4-2021 9864 Watson Road: Minor Site Plan: Parking lot improvements for the strip shopping center development with Sherwin Williams.
  • CSPR-5-2021 9600 Watson Road: Minor Site Plan: Parking Lot and Façade improvements for Imo's Pizza.
  • CSPR-6-2021 9805 Watson Road: Minor Site Plan: Parking Lot, landscape and Façade improvements for Taco Bell

Crestwood Crossing (The Mall Project) - 1 Crestwood Plaza

1 Crestwood Plaza -  Development Plan, Plat, Conditional Use Permits: Dierbergs and McBride Homes have submitted a development plan for a mixed-use commercial and residential development. The Board of Aldermen approved the development plan, zoning change, and conditional use permits on November 9th. The redevelopment TIF agreement was approved on November 16th, 2021. 

Conditional Use Permits

  • CUP 1-21 -9800 Watson - Conditional Use Permit: A Conditional Use Permit for TD Nail & Bar to have an electronic message center sign.
  • CUP 2-21 - 9915 Watson-McDonald's- Conditional Use permit for McDonalds to operate a drive-through restaurant. 
  • CUP 3-21 - 8720-50 Watson- Watson Auto Care Plaza - Conditional Use Permit to allow auto service and repair businesses to operate in the plaza. 
  • CUP-4-21 - 1420 S. Sappington. St. Elizabeth's Church. Conditional use permit to have an electronic message center sign. 
  • CUP-5-21 9805 Watson - Taco Bell - Conditional Use Permit for McDonalds to operate a drive-through restaurant
  • CUP-6-21  - 1 Crestwood Plaza - Allow McBride to construct single family homes in a PD-MXD
  • CUP-7-21  - 1 Crestwood Plaza - Allow Dierbergs to have an electronic message center shopping center sign for Crestwood Crossing

Board of Zoning Adjustment

  • 9915 Watson-McDonald's-Variance: Landscape Buffer, Structure Setback, and fence material modifications.
  • 9230 Tea Rose-Residential Property-Variance: Construction of a deck within the front yard setback.