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The Spellman Avenue Corridor is a well-traveled north/south roadway in Crestwood, carrying traffic from several residential subdivisions southerly to Rayburn Avenue and northerly to Big Bend Road.  The first Phase of improvements is slated for the road between Rayburn and Pinellas, and construction will start within the next two months.  The second Phase, including Ponderosa, Acorn, Oak Ridge, and South Holmes, is presented herein this evening.  Each of the phases includes about 2,000 linear feet of roadway improvements, resulting in just shy of a mile of newly constructed pavement.

The present configuration of the roadway is a two-lane roadway with 12′ lanes.  A short segment of sidewalk exists on the east side of Holmes Avenue, but there is no continuity along the traveled way.  The pavement is in poor shape and failing in many areas due to poor subsurface conditions, poor drainage, and the effects of wear and tear over time.

Proposed Improvements

This project will widen the driving surface to include 27-feet of new asphalt pavement with concrete curb and gutter on eachSpellman Avenue Phase II side of the road.  For comparison sake, the current pavement thickness is about 4-6 inches thick, with minimal rock underneath the pavement.  The new asphalt pavement will more than double the thickness (10.5-inches thick) over 4-inches of rock under the pavement.  This pavement section is better capable of handling the heavy loads that vehicles such as trash trucks deliver to it.  In addition, a five-foot wide sidewalk will also be added along the entire length of the project, the side of the street where the sidewalk resides is dependent on where the majority of the pedestrian traffic is anticipated to come from or go to.

Cleaner Water                                                                                                                   

Spellman Avenue Phase II To address the requirements of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD), pervious pavement
(sidewalks for the length of the project) are being used to meet the water quality needs of the project. Pervious sidewalks allow stormwater runoff from rain events to soak into the sidewalk and then into the ground.  By soaking directly into the ground, harmful substances such as grease, oils, salts, and other “dirty” particles are removed before they enter downstream creeks and rivers, making the water naturally cleaner and healthier for fish and other inhabitants.  Additionally, proprietary systems called FrenoTM Boxes are being used in three locations within the project.  These systems perform a similar function of treating the water, and are being incorporated adjacent to the roadway pavement in areas where the grade of the road helps stormwater runoff get into them.



Preliminary construction work should start in mid-2014, with the final project completed by summer of 2015.  Currently, the project is in the acquisition and negotiation phase, and representatives from the City will be contacting you in the coming weeks regarding necessary easement for construction.

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