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The speed trailer is a high visibility traffic calming device designed to remind drivers to monitor their speed. It is important for drivers to obey all speed limits no matter where they travel. However, it becomes critical in the residential areas of our community. Crestwood boasts dense residential areas, and the streets commonly see pedestrian and bicycle traffic, a large portion of which are children. Many times, it's the residents themselves who unwittingly exceed the posted speed limits. There are many reasons for this, but the most common are being in a hurry and simple inattention. The speed trailer will be placed to get the attention of drivers and cause them to re-focus on the task of driving safely, and it should encourage those who live in Crestwood to be considerate of their neighbors and the many children at play.

Together, we can work to stop neighborhood speeding.

As noted on the speed trailer itself, residents can submit requests to have the trailer set up on specific streets. The requests will be processed in the order they are received, so the volume will have a direct effect on the time it takes to fulfill them. The greater the number of requests, the longer it will take for the trailer to be delivered. Please be patient and know that each request will be addressed. Requests can be directed to Lt. Boyd Hoffmeister at bhoffmeister@cityofcrestwood.org by email or contact Lt. Hoffmeister directly at 314-729-4840.

speed trailer

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