Yard Waste

Yard waste includes: grass, clippings, leaves, yard/garden vegetation, weeds and branches. Roots or shrubs containing root balls are not accepted. Yard waste is collected only when placed in proper containers for pickup.

The following are options:

Yard waste may be placed in 30 gallon heavy duty paper bags. These bags can withstand certain degrees of moisture but work best if kept out of the elements. Such bags are available for purchase at local grocery and hardware retailers. Bags are not for sale at City Hall or through Waste Connections.

Yard waste may be placed in an unlined trash can for pickup. It is recommended that this container is clearly marked with “yard waste” in large letters.

If brush is too large for an above container, it may be bundled with fiber twine. Each bundle must be no larger than 4 feet in length by 18 inches in diameter and may not weigh more than 60 pounds.

Christmas trees are the only exception to the rule. Real trees will be collected providing the tree is free of all decorations including tinsel, garland, ornaments and lights.


Don't bag grass clippings, recycle them.

Mow your grass when it is dry and only 3-4 inches tall. Never cut it shorter than 2 inches. Avoid over-fertilizing your lawn with commercial chemicals. Let the decomposing grass clippings fertilize it naturally. Keep your mower blade sharp or use a mulching mower.

Create a backyard compost.

Composting can turn yard waste into a valuable soil conditioner. A compost pile should be at least 3x3x3 feet in size, but no larger than 5 feet cubed. Place your waste in the compost pile in layers-leaves, grass, etc. To aerate the pile, turn it once a month and add water if it is dry. Never try to compost just grass. Never add meat, bones, grease, large branches, lumber or dog and cat waste to your compost pile.

Pre-recycle when purchasing items.

Think ahead about whether or not the item's packaging can be recycled. Look for containers that can be reused or recycled, like aluminum or glass. Try to purchase products that can be used again and again.

Set up a recycling plan at home.

Become aware of what you throw away. Decide how much space you have for storage and what items you most need to recycle. Keep your plan manageable and start off with only a few items.

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