Emergency Management

Office of Civil Preparedness

Sec. 2-64. Office of civil preparedness.

Organization. There is hereby created a local municipal organization for the preparation and the carrying out of all the emergency functions, other than the functions for which the military forces are primarily responsible, to minimize and repair injury and damage resulting from disasters caused by enemy attack or disasters from fires, floods, earthquakes or other natural causes in accordance with the Missouri Civil Defense Act. The Crestwood office of civil preparedness shall consist of a director and a representative of each of the operating departments of the city and the city clerk and finance officer.

Director. The director shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the board of aldermen. The director may be an employee of the city. The director shall have direct responsibility for the organization, administration, and operation of the city office of civil preparedness, subject to the direction and control of the mayor, as provided by statute. In the event of the absence or inability of the director to serve for any reason, then the city administrator shall act as director. If the director is not concurrently a city employee, compensation may be set by the mayor and board of aldermen. If the director is concurrently a city employee, no compensation in addition to the compensation being received as a city employee shall be made. All other members of the office of civil preparedness shall serve without additional compensation.

Duties. The Crestwood office of civil preparedness shall perform such functions within the city as shall be prescribed in and by the state and local civil defense plans and programs prepared by the governor, and such orders, rules and regulations as may be promulgated by the governor, and, in addition, shall perform such duties outside the corporate limits as may be required pursuant to any mutual aid agreement with any other political subdivision, municipality or quasi-municipality entered into as provided by the Missouri Civil Defense Act or the state survival plan.

The Crestwood office of civil preparedness shall promulgate rules and regulations to facilitate its obligation of the civil defense function with the city which are consistent with the Missouri Civil Defense Act or the state disaster plan and program.

The director of the Crestwood office of civil preparedness shall be responsible for the coordination, operation and implementation of an emergency operating plan. The plan shall be periodically updated with the approval of the affected governmental department and approved by the mayor.

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