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The following are a few of the City of Crestwood ordinances instituted for the safety, welfare and protection of the life and property in your city. VIEW COMPLETE MUNICIPAL CODE

Accumulation of Materials
No person is allowed to accumulate or permit the accumulation on any premise or on any open lot any lumber, boxes, barrels, bricks, stones or similar material that may be permitted to remain thereon and become rat harborages. Items such as firewood should be placed on open racks that are elevated not less than 12 inches above the ground, evenly piled or stacked.

Alarm Systems
All emergency alarm installations are regulated by the City. Alarm installation companies must be licensed by the City and all residents shall obtain an alarm user permit before the installation. This allows the Police Department to conduct background checks of the company and its employees. There is no fee for the alarm user permit but the registration of the location of all alarm installations aids emergency services. Applications and information can be obtained at the General Offices at the Government Center.

All pets should be confined or restricted to their owners' property and not be allowed to run at large. When off the owner's property, dogs and cats should be on a leash and/or under the owner's control. A dog or cat defecating on property other than that of the owner or other person responsible for the animal will be creating a public nuisance unless such waste is immediately removed and deposited in a waste container or buried on ground where the person responsible for the animal has permission or the right to bury it.

Residential Fences

302.7.2 Fences. All fences shall comply with the following requirements:

a) Fencing shall only be comprised of standard fencing material, including chain-link, vinyl, wood, wrought iron, composite wood, masonry, or other materials as approved by the Director of Public Works.

b) Wooden fences, including any posts, shall consist of materials produced in a lumberyard or mill and the components shall be of nominal size.

c) All fence posts shall be of the same material and shall have a uniform appearance from the ground to the top of post. However, posts of fences abutting differing property lines on the same parcel may be of not more than two differing materials.

d) All fencing materials shall be of the same composition and be complementary to the posts on the same property line. However, fencing materials on fences abutting differing property lines on the same parcel may be of not more than two differing materials.

e) Painted fences shall be of not more than two colors which is compatible with the color of the home located on the parcel. Colors of fences abutting differing property lines on the same parcel may be of not more than two differing colors, so long as all colors are compatible with the color of the home located on the parcel.

f) All fences shall be kept in good repair and shall not be allowed to deteriorate to an unsound or unsightly condition. Repairs shall be made with materials that match materials and color of the balance of the fence line where the repairs are required.

g) The construction of two (2) fences on a property line by the same owner is prohibited.

h) All new fence installations shall be erected with the smooth side facing outward. All posts shall be located on the inside of the fence.

i) Electric (invisible pet containment) fences installed after February 1, 2012 shall be permitted only if such fences are installed a minimum of two (2) feet from the front or side property lines. Such fences shall not extend into the public right-of-way.

j) No fence shall be erected within the City unless a permit has been issued by the Director of Public Works or designee. Such application shall be filed along with a site plan containing the following information:

  1. the address of the property;
  2. the name of all streets bounding the property;
  3. the size and location of all buildings on the property;
  4. the location of the proposed fencing;
  5. the location of the driveways and parking areas;
  6. a description of the adjacent properties;
  7. a north arrow; and
  8. a drawing scale.

The application and/or site plan shall clearly show the type of fence proposed to be erected and the material which is to be used. The application for a fence permit shall be accompanied by a filing fee in an amount established by the board of aldermen. Denial of a permit for the erection of a fence shall be subject to review by the Public Works Board as set forth in Section T 33(a) l 1 I.1. No permit shall be required to repair an existing fence.

Home Occupations
Certain home occupations are permitted in Crestwood. A resident wishing to operate a business from his or her residence must first apply for a home occupation permit and a business license from the City of Crestwood. Crestwood code states that the home business shall not occupy more than 15% of the total floor area of the residence and cannot be conducted in a garage or other accessory structure. No commodities may be stored at the residence; no equipment may be used that would create a nuisance due to odor, vibration, noise, electrical interference or fluctuation. No generation of parking beyond that required for the normal occupation of the residence will be permitted. Contact the Public Works Department for details and application forms.

Housing Exteriors
An Anti-Blight Ordinance establishes minimum exterior standards governing the conditions and maintenance of dwelling and non-dwelling structures within the City.

Obstructing View at Intersections
It is unlawful to obstruct the view of motorists at intersections with shrubbery or other vegetation, sign boards, structure of any description, uncontrolled weeds, etc. Any plantings on corner lots must permit an unobstructed view along intersection streets for motorists and pedestrians approaching the intersection.

Residential Parking
No automobiles, trucks, trailers or other motor vehicles shall be parked or stopped in the front yard of any residential or other building or in the side yard next to the street in the case of corner lots, except on a parking area or drive having a durable surface. Nor shall they be parked or stopped along any street with any portion of the vehicle on the area between curb and sidewalk or on sidewalks.

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