Tree Removals and Sidewalk Repair Project

This summer, the City of Crestwood will be conducting major sidewalk repairs across the city. The city has identified nearly 20,000 square feet of sidewalks that are broken or displaced. To remedy this, the City will hire a company to do repair work throughout the summer. Unfortunately, in many cases these sidewalks were damaged by tree roots. To prevent future repairs to sidewalks that are only going to get damaged once again by these trees, the city plans to remove 183 right-of-way street trees. To offset the loss of greenery, Crestwood plans to order up to 1,000 seedlings to give away for free to residents who request one.

Press Release: Sidewalk Repairs and Tree Removals

List of Sidewalk Repairs

Why is the city repairing sidewalks?

Historically, sidewalk maintenance and repair was the responsibility of the property owner. Ensuring city sidewalks are in good condition has been a challenge that goes back over 30 years. A 2015 sidewalk survey conducted by the city identified nearly 20,000 square feet of sidewalks that are in need of repair.

The Board of Aldermen places a high priority on neighborhood infrastructure, and has decided it is time for the city to take over responsibility for these sidewalks. To get off to a good start, the city allocated funds to address a significant number of the needed sidewalk repairs in 2018.

Why does the city have to remove certain trees?

Crestwood plans to remove 183 right-of-way street trees. These trees have roots that infiltrate underneath the sidewalk, causing the slab to lift and/or crack. The city wants to ensure its sidewalk infrastructure remains in good condition in the future, and it is just common sense that these trees need to be removed. Crestwood values being a “Tree City USA,” however, and plans to order up to 1,000 seedlings to give away for free to residents who request one. Just fill out the form below to request your seedling – it will be available for you to pick up in Spring 2019.

Why can’t the city just repair the sidewalk and leave the tree?

The tree’s roots are what cause damage to the sidewalk. Repairing the sidewalk will only temporarily fix the issue, and the sidewalk slab will be displaced again in a few years. If the city pruned the tree roots under the sidewalk, that tree would likely die due to the shock, and even worse, it would be missing a significant amount of roots on one side, making it easy to blow over in a storm.

How do I order a free tree seedling?

You can fill out the form on this webpage, call 314-729-4704 and leave us a message, or e-mail We need your name, e-mail address, a phone number, and your Crestwood address in order to reserve your seedling. 

Can I plant my seedling in place of the old tree?

No. Crestwood city codes will be updated to prohibit planting trees within 10’ of the sidewalk, or 15’ of the curb if there is no sidewalk. You can plant your seedling anywhere else on your property. Care should be taken to make sure it is not planted close to the location of your sewer lateral.

The tree in front of my house is not being removed, but I think it should be – why not?

Crestwood will only remove trees it has identified as damaging the sidewalk. It is possible your tree was not yet causing damage to the sidewalk. If, however, you would like the City to consider removing your problematic right-of-way street tree, please call 314-729-4704 or e-mail We will investigate and may add your tree to a list of removals in future years. 

Will I have to remove my street tree?

The City has identified all right-of-way trees currently causing problems, and plans to remove them this year at no cost to the resident. Unless a tree is dead or a safety hazard, you do not have to remove your street tree unless you want to, or unless it begins damaging the sidewalk in the future.

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