TIF Commission

Exhibit A-TIF Commission Public Hearing: Written Comments submitted through the Website

In accordance with the City's Municipal Code, the TIF commission shall consist of members in numbers and, representatives as set forth in Section 99.820 of the State Statutes of the State of Missouri. Representatives of the city shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of a majority of the board of aldermen, and shall serve such terms as provided in the Act (Section 99.820).

TIF Commission Members:

Mr. Thomas Curran-Senior Policy Advisor to the County Executive

Mr. Glenn Henninger-St. Louis County Department of Highway & Traffic

Mr. Glen Powers-St. Louis County Department of Planning

Ms. Margaret Hart-Mahon-St. Louis County Counselor's Office

Mr. Thomas Malecek-Special Assistant to the County Executive

Ms. Pam Reitz-St. Louis County Department of Administration

Mr. Charles Triplett-Assistant Superintendent of Finance for Lindbergh Schools

Ms. Kara Horton-Director of the Lindbergh Schools Board of Education

Mr. Tim Trueblood-Crestwood Resident

Mr. Mike Balles-Crestwood Resident

Mr. Greg Hall-Crestwood Resdient

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