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The City of Crestwood has a wide array of current ongoing projects as well as future development plans and proposals. This page will help you navigate through our many capital improvements, future redevelopment proposals and tentative scheduling processes. See below to get the latest information on active and future projects in the City of Crestwood. 

Active Improvement Projects:

Cleaner Water                                                                                                                   

To address the requirements of the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD), pervious pavement (sidewalks for the length of the project) are being used to meet the water quality needs of the project. Pervious sidewalks allow stormwater runoff from rain events to soak into the sidewalk and then into the ground.  By soaking directly into the ground, harmful substances such as grease, oils, salts, and other particles are removed before they enter downstream creeks and rivers, making the water naturally cleaner and healthier for fish and other inhabitants.  Additionally, proprietary systems called FrenoTM Boxes are being used in three locations within the project.  These systems perform a similar function of treating the water, and are being incorporated adjacent to the roadway pavement in areas where the grade of the road helps stormwater runoff get into them.

The Crestwood Plaza Redevelopment Proposal

The Crestwood Plaza Redevelopment Area as defined in the RFP consists of approximately 48 acres of land with 1.1 million square feet of vacant retail space. The proposal for the redevelopment area was submitted by UrbanStreet Group, LLC on behalf of Crestwood Missouri Partners, LLC, as the owner of the Crestwood Court Mall in Crestwood, Missouri. The Developer, UrbanStreet Group, LLC, acquired 46.95 acres of the 48-acre Redevelopment Area on May 2, 2014, and is proposing a mixed-use development of the property that will include a range of potential uses. The plan calls for the development of four Redevelopment Project Areas for the site and these include (1) a service retail site on the far west of the Property, (2) an entertainment and destination service retail use section in the middle of the Property, (3) a multi-family residential site on the east end of the Property, and (4) an open space and community gardens component adjacent to the multi-family area. 

Website on the Crestwood Plaza Redevelopment Project

You can view the plan in its entirety by clicking the link below. 

The Crestwood Plaza Redevelopment Proposal

Tentative Schedule of Events for The Crestwood Plaza Redevelopment Area as of November 28, 2015

Note: This is a sample schedule only. The actual schedule will likely vary from time to time. The City will endeavor to provide an updated schedule as it changes. 

Brownfield Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Crestwood Court 

Brownfield Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Crestwood Court                                                                                                                                                                                            


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