What if there are code deficiencies?

The rental property will not be allowed occupancy until an inspection without deficiencies has been achieved. At the time of inspection, the property owner or his or her representative will be given a copy of the inspection checklist. Any issues that are found that are not in accordance with the 2003 International Property Maintenance Code with amendments as adopted by the City of Crestwood, will be indicated on this checklist. Additional information will be provided at this time if necessary. 


The property owner will then receive a letter from the City outlining the steps required prior to scheduling a re-inspection. After all items have been addressed, the property owner will then contact the City to schedule a re-inspection. Upon successful completion of the inspection, the City will issue an occupancy permit to the property owner.


Should an applicant disagree with the results of an inspection, or feel that the code is being interpreted incorrectly or unfairly, the applicant may appeal to the Public Works Board.

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2. What if there are code deficiencies?