SPR-2-23 Minor Site Plan Review- 9560 Watson Rd.(Woodard Restoration)

CH Retail Fund I/St. Louis Sappington Square LLC has submitted a request for approval of a Minor Site Plan to install three (3) electric vehicle charging dispensers in the parking lot at Sappington Square shopping center at 9560 Watson Rd. 

The item will be reviewed by the Planning, Zoning, and Architectural Review Commission on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 6pm.

P&Z Commission Meeting Agenda 4.12.2023

Staff Report

Minor Site Plan- EV Charging Stations- 9560 Watson Rd (Sappington Square)

Minor Site Plan- EV Charging- 9560 Watson Rd_1

Minor Site Plan- EV Charging- 9560 Watson Rd_2