BZA- 9915 Watson Rd. (McDonalds)

Summary: A variance request to the Board of Adjustment, submitted by Farnsworth Group Inc. (McDonalds) on behalf of the owner at 9915 Watson Road, Crestwood, Missouri, for a variance to allow construction of paving within the required landscape buffer, construction of a combined trash and storage enclosure and the construction of a six foot tall Sim-Tek fence in lieu of a six foot tall solid masonry fence as part of the buffer requirement between their C-1 zone development and a R-3 Residential zone. The property is zoned C-1, Local Business zoning district.  

Status: Variances approved June 10, 2021. Construction anticipated to begin Spring 2022. For more information, see: CSPR 3-2021 9915 Watson Rd.- McDonalds- Major Site Plan

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