Public Works Garage

The City of Crestwood Public Works Garage, located in the Watson Industrial Park, is the hub of the City's public works maintenance projects including:

  • Street Maintenance
    • The Street Crew Leader and his team work together to address all concerns with the streets of the City, including but not limited to, assessing the City's streets and applying PASER ratings, fixing potholes, maintaining sidewalks, and snow plowing. 
  • Facility Maintenance
    • Under the supervision of the Facilities Crew Leader, this division of the Public Works department works to maintain all of the facilities within the City, including the Government Center, Community Center, Public Works Garage, Parks, and the Sappington House. 
  • Fleet Maintenance
    • The Fleet Crew Leader of the City is in charge of the City's mechanical efforts, including protecting the entire fleet of City vehicles as well as all mechanical equipment used by various City departments.
  • Parks Maintenance
    • While working out of the Public Works Garage and the Parks Shop, the Parks Maintenance Division is under the direct supervision of the Director of Parks and Recreation. 
    • In addition to park operations - including maintaining the six City parks and the Sappington House Complex - the CIty's Parks Maintenance team also helps maintain Grant’s Trail, two cemeteries, the U-turn Ramp, roadsides, islands, and other City properties.
    • To learn more about the City's Tree USA designation, as well as how to apply and maintain street trees, please check here.