Residential Services

The City of Crestwood Police Department is happy to provide many services for our residents, including:

Vacation Watch

Going out of town? The Crestwood Police Department offers a service to residents that while on vacation, the Police stop by and check on your house to make sure that your property and home are secure.

Every year dozens of Crestwood Residents leave for vacation with a greater feeling of comfort knowing that their house and property will be checked on a daily basis. Through this service, Officers check the exterior of homes and property. If things look out of place, Officers will contact your designated emergency contact.

Vacation Check Criteria

Home must be unoccupied and no one else is checking the residence. No one may be staying in the residence during this time. No one is entering residence to feed or water animals. Resident will be gone for more than three days.

Prescription Drug Take Back Program

The Crestwood Police Department only "takes back" prescription drugs, in accordance with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), during the bi-annual National Prescription Drug Takeback Day. Those are typically held on a Saturday in April and October every year. 

We do not offer that service on a daily basis, however, several departments in the area do offer that service. To find another department in the area that takes back prescription drugs year round, please refer to the map below: