Business Services

The Crestwood Police Department values its relationship with the Crestwood Business Community.

Safe Business

The Crestwood Police Department is committed to keeping our business community a safe environment for those living in and visiting our City. We realize that the make-up of the City is primarily residential in nature and is supported by a vibrant and ever improving business climate. We work diligently to maintain a strong presence and service oriented delivery of services to our environment.

Response Abilities

Officers of the department work throughout the year to maintain current contact information regarding changes in your business that will enable us to maintain our ability to respond in emergencies. In addition, a number of seminars are available from the department that include information on how to deal with: shoplifters, armed robbery, credit card fraud, bad checks, and suspicious activity.

Feel free to contact Dion Olsen, Community Services Officer, to schedule a session for your employees.

Types of Services Provided

Building Checks

Officers patrol businesses in Crestwood to make sure they are secure. These building checks include looking for unlocked doors and suspicious activity. Officers will contact the owner or responsible party for the business if anything out of the ordinary is found.

Building Contacts

Officers routinely contact employees and owners of local businesses to update emergency contact lists kept by the Police Department. These lists come in handy when an emergency notification needs to be made during hours when the business is closed.

Safety Seminars

The Police Department provides safety seminars to local businesses to help educate their employees about measures they can take to make their business a more secure work environment. To schedule a safety seminar, contact the Community Resource Officer or Lt. Kevin Avery at 314-729-4820.

Bad Check Policy

The Crestwood Police Department recognizes our need to assist the business owner/operator with the identification, arrest and prosecution of persons submitting "bad checks" for goods and services.

Consistent with that responsibility is the need for the business operator to make every effort to properly identify the person writing the check and make available the employee who originally accepted the draft. Our policy is designed to assist the business operator in the process of identification, designation of the
responsible employee, and to assure that the required procedure has been followed that is consistent with the mandate of the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney.

Statutes are specific for remedies available to business operators and contact with the police department is to enhance the prosecution of the person suspected of writing the check. We have simplified the process by providing a simple to use form that identifies the various responsibilities needed to satisfy statutory requirements. We require this form to be completed at the time of report.

Bad Check Reporting Form