Memberships & Passes

Senior citizen at gym

Proof of Residency

When purchasing or renewing your pass or ID, please bring two forms of identification that include your name and address to verify your Crestwood residency. One of these items must be a current photo ID and can also include your current personal property tax receipt, driver’s license, voter ID card or unpaid utility bill.

Special Rates

To qualify for Lindbergh School District rates, Lindbergh Residents will need to verify current residency with a valid driver’s license and two proofs of address which may include personal property tax receipt, unpaid utility bill or other items as determined by staff.

Business Membership categories are available to anybody employed by a business located within the appropriate boundaries with proof of current employment: a pay stub or dated letter from their supervisor.

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Senior Memberships

A 10% discount is extended to all seniors age 62 or over purchasing a membership. On family memberships, this discount applies only to qualifying seniors.

Family Status

A Family is defined as no more than two adults and two dependent children under the age of 23 residing at the same address. Anyone over the age of 16 being included on the pass will need to show proof of residency by the use of a photo ID and/or any other record of residency (report card, voter ID, unpaid bill, bank statement, etc…)

See pass descriptions below. Fees subject to change, contact the Community Center for current rates. Additional Person rates apply to the type of family pass listed directly above it and are subject to the Family Status policy.

Pass TypeResidentNon-ResidentLindbergh Schools and Resident Businesses
All Facility - Individual$138$248$220
All Facility - Family$330$550$495
All Facility - Additional Person$50$50$50
Recreation - Individual$115$144$125
Recreation - Family$175$256$238
Recreation - Additional Person$20$20$20
Community Center - 10 Visit Pass$25$50N/A
Court Pass - Individual$50$70$65
Aquatic Center - Individual$85$155$135
Aquatic Center - Family$225$410$360
Aquatic Center - Additional Person$30$30$30
Aquatic Center - Nanny/Babysitter Pass$30$30$30
ID Card$5$10$10

*All fees are subject to change, please contact the Community Center for current rates.

Lindbergh/Business Resident

Lindbergh residents will need to verify Lindbergh residency with two forms of current residency. Business memberships are available to anyone who is employed by a business located in the City of Crestwood. A current pay stub and ID will be needed as proof of employment within the city.

Recreation Pass 

  • Serves as identification at the Aquatic Center, allowing Residents to pay daily Resident rate.
  • Same privileges as Court Pass.
  • Use of the Dance and Multi-Purpose Room during open gym hours.
  • Use of Fitness Room when age appropriate.
  • Use of Community Center locker.

Resident Aquatic Center Pass

  • Good for admission to the Crestwood Aquatic Center.
  • Pass holders may bring 4 paid guests daily.

Non-Resident Aquatic Center Pass

  • Good for admission to the Crestwood Aquatic Center
  • Pass holders may bring 2 paid guests daily.

All Facilities Pass

  • Includes both Recreation Pass and Aquatic Center pass privileges.

I.D. Card

  • For Residents, used to prove Crestwood residency and receive R rates at the Aquatic Center and at the Community Center. Must be renewed yearly at the Community Center and residency must be verified.
  • For Non-Residents, used for admission to the Aquatic Center at appropriate rates.

Court Pass

  • Allows you to make racquetball and/or tennis reservations a maximum of one week in advance.
  • Ability to make walleyball reservations a maximum of one week, but no less than 24 hours in advance.
  • Only pay court fee, no guest fee for pass holders.

Nanny/Babysitter Pass

  • Available to holders of Family All Facility or Family Aquatic Center Passes for the purpose of allowing their children to be accompanied to the Aquatic Center by a designated caregiver who is not part of the household.
  • Must be purchased attached to a Family Aquatic Center or Family All Facility Pass: Individual Passes, I.D. Cards, Recreation Passes or Court Passes do not qualify.
  • Pass holder must apply with the family that is employing them present and provide proof of employment.
  • Pass can only by used when the holder is with a family member.
  • Pass holder must be age 16 or older.

Community Center 10 Visit Pass

Just back in town from school for a break and want to work out but don’t need a full year’s membership? This is just what you need! Refill as often as you want. Also good for "Open Gym" entrance fee.

$25 for Residents or $50 for Non-Residents

Replacement Cards

Replacement of lost or damaged cards are $5